Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I wasn't a lead or anything to special in the school play, but my friends and I did it together. The play that was chosen was The Little Mermaid. Most of my friends, like me, got the important part of the seagulls and the poor unfortunate souls ensemble.

 We had some pretty sweet sheer white leggings!

Abbey, however got the roll of a Mersister.  She was Alana and did fabulous.  Chloe got a diffident part too and was a dancer. She was also "the ray who could play". 

If you have ever seen a Clayton play they are pretty amazing for a middle school. We stayed after school a lot and sometimes had to practice on weekends. It wasn't very fun. But after you have worked so hard and you finally get to see the show pulled together it's  the best when you get to preform in front of everyone!

I think we all loved it.

Wow...3 years later and I'm still not that exciting! Let's see if I can think of some things to share so you're up-to-date.

Since my last post I have graduated elementary, middle school, and this year will start highschool. For middle school I went to Clayton. 7h grade started out great, my best friend, Tana, and I went together. Tana and I have been best friends since 4th grade and still are. About half way through the year Tana's family decided to move to Midway. I was crushed! Sure I had made friends but they also had other friends. I was pretty lonely. I did made stronger friendships as the year went on and things progressively got lots better! 8th grade was probably my favorite! I made friends with a group of super cute girls!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look at Them Now!!

This is Chipmunk. If you have noticed this is the same small
Bird that I posted last time. They got so big!

This is my bird. I did not post a picture of her last time so i decided
it was time. To tell you the truth she is fat, lazy, and mean. when I
Say mean i mean every time you try to pet her she either pecks your
Finger or your toe. It can hurt!! (but her feet crack me up!;)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Stuff We Have Been Up To

Chicks! Around 6 weeks ago we got 5 chicks. we each got to pick one that was ours, i picked a buff-goshes. She was very cute when we got her but now she is so ugly! well, this chicken grows feathers on its feet & boy is she mean! Because she is so wild and mean i decided to name her Nellie. Owen got araconna. this cute bird in the picture is her. Owen named her Chipmunk. I thought it was funny that he named an animal after another animal. Laugh!! All the chickens we got are girls because we only really need them for the eggs. We have 3 others. frank decided that he wanted one to so, he got the other araconna and named her Eagle. See that is so funny right! But Frank's parents wouldn't let him take it home so Eagle still lives with us.

The chicks eat, drink and do business, so in other words meaning me & Owen have to clean the cage almost every day. In the picture I was done and it was a nice day and the chicks LOVE being outside.

The Lovell kids stayed over and we wanted to go swimming so we did! :)

Owen did the cutest performance at school. Each kid had their own shape. Owen was a green cone, so was one of his friend (the kid sitting next to him). IT WAS SO CUTE! :)

How cute is this little stinker on Easter

Friday, March 4, 2011

Yes I do remember you !!! Thanks for contacting me- it's really nice to hear from you! How are things going for you? Do you like your new home? How is it different from Utah? I'd love to see your blog if you have one. Send me the address!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm so excited summer is finally hear! there is some very good reasons I like summer. Hear all tell you a few. . . . . #1 is my big birthday its coming up on June 20Th 2010. the way you can tell how old I am is because the number of the year is how old I am turning. For example 2010 so I am turning 10. #2 is that it is warm/hot weather well I guss not yet eany way.
so now i guss you can tell my fav season. . . . . .if you gussed summer you are. . .RIGHT!
later every, one I hope you enjoy reading my posts!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sleding with the Cooper famlie

if you have herd my last name cooper well that is the side of the family

i am going to talk about.
we went sledding with the coopers and i hung out with Gabby.
and i have to say it was the biggest hill i had seen in my life to sledding
down! going down was fun but going up was not as fun as going down.
Hear are some pics!